Front-end Coders October Meetup

The front-end coders October meetup was fun and interesting as usual. There was talks about Vue 3 and discussions about programmers.

  • Written by Sandeep Ramgolam

Sandeep Ramgolam

Front-end Coders October Meetup

This meetup was scheduled since two weeks and we had 15 RSVPs on the meetup dot com event page. 14 people actually showed up on an early Saturday morning!

I arrived on location an hour earlier because there was no traffic in Port Louis. I met Jules and Shailen at the Bocasay office and they had very generously offered coffee and croissants for all those attending !

Pre-meetup croissants

At around 10am we kicked off the meetup with a round-table introduction of all the attendees and what their interests are. We had vuejs devs, angular devs, game devs, backend devs and a marketing manager in the ranks !


  • Developers are not just Code Writers - Cedric Poilly
  • Reactivity Everywhere - Jules Michael Giovanni

Then the floor was offered to Cedric who had a very interesting monologue about "Developers are not just Code Writers". This session turned into a discussion where everyone pitched in their opinions and ideas.

The key take away was "Do not deploy on a friday afternoon"

Reactivity Everywhere (Vue 3 reactivity module)

The second session was by Jules who did an awesome presentation about "Reactivity Everywhere". This session covered the history of the concept of reactivity, and a hint about all the major frameworks that offer reactivity today.

Reactivity in Google Sheets

The second part of his prez focussed on Vue 3's reactivity module that can be used outside of Vue.

In a demo, he used Vue 3 reactivity module in a CLI nodejs application with an amazing demo in the DBZ world. See video in the tweet below.

A multi progressbar CLI reactive application in #Vue 3 reactivity module with DBZ characters power level changing 😎🤯🤩 so cool! By @mk_jules #FrontendCoders #Mauritius

— Sun 🇲🇺 (@__Sun__) October 10, 2020

After a small break coupled with some networking sessions, we had a final small session where I asked all attendees to share two tips for everyone in the room. Some of the things that were shared are :

  • The Bang Bang operator in JavaScript
  • The Bang Bang sign in unix cli
  • Take care of your health
  • Hold shift for horizontal scrolling
  • Always chose clear over clever.
  • Get a whiteboard in your office.
  • Octotree to browse github repos
  • Please put your IDE sidebar to the right.

This was a fun session and probably won't be the last !

@FrontEndCoders meetup this morning was cosy and fun. Lessons of the day: Never push code on a Friday afternoon and shift + scroll to move horizontally in your ide. #mauritius

— Saamiyah 🇲🇺 (@smearthelove) October 10, 2020

Of course we had some post-meetup fun.

Post-meetup 😎

— Sun 🇲🇺 (@__Sun__) October 10, 2020

If you want to participate or speak in the next meetup reach out to me or cedric.