Providus x Front-end Coders – March Meetup 2023

In the march meetup we spoke about WebContainers, CSS, NextJS and had an awesome quiz session

  • Written by Sandeep Ramgolam

Sandeep Ramgolam

Providus x Front-end Coders – March Meetup 2023

Kushul and I had been in touch with the awesome people at Providus since the Developers conference last year, and we finally got to collaborate on a frontend coders meetup in March.

As usual I kick off the meetup by presenting the Frontend Coders community to the newcomers and givng some updates.

Maintainable and scalable CSS using BEM - Hoolan Naipal & Kenny Oozageer

We kicked off this session by something we all love or hate; CSS ! Hoolan and Kenny shared their experience working with BEM and compared it to using no methodologies or something like tailwindcss.

It was a really fun session as both hosts were really fun in their delivery. We had interesting question and answers during this session. I obviously sided with the tailwind camp, but it was nice seeing real world arguments for and against certain ways to build software.

Powerful Routing & Optimizing Images with NextJS. - Sandy Ramiah

Sandy, first time speaker at the frontend coders meetups, spoke about Next.js and some features that make your lives easier as a developer. I haven't used Next.js myself (except to build the OG Image generator for the website), but a lot of the things he showed really resembled how things work in Nuxt.js, and it all just made sense.

I'm kinda glad we're having more or less the same things across frameworks. It makes it easier to switch between them, and also feels reassuring that something is probably right if more than one team adopt the same way of doing it.

WebContainers - Sandeep Ramgolam

I did a live demo of Stackblitz's Web container technology, which was heavily inspired by the video of Tejas Kumar on his YouTube channel. During the session, we built our or web server, but running in a container in the web browser.

It was kinda off-putting to see this even work in the browser. At the end we had more questions than answers, however it was obvious that this technology was fascinating and got people thinking about potential use-cases.

Lunch & Photoshoot

The sponsor of the day, Providus, provided the lunch for all the attendees and then we headed out for a group photo of everyone present.

We then took some time for networking before resuming the next session

Quiz & Giveaway

We had big prizes this week. Frontend Coders Mauritius reached out to GitNation for  a possible collaboration and they were glad to offer us tickets to their upcoming conferences VueJS London and JSNation Amsterdam! Those were up for grabs during the kahoot session. Unfortunately, it seems not many of the winners will be able to properly take advantage of this conference ticket because they need to get to Europe and the flight prices are really, really expensive.

There was also a jetbrains license to win and some tshirts and a soccer ball from Providus.

This was the most prizes we gave away during one event, and it was a really fun quiz session as well. There were talks about donating the ticket to me or Kushul since we are actually flying to Europe during that timeframe!🤞

Shoutout to Alberto for getting the git question right !