Front-end Coders Meetup - July 2022

The 4th Front-end Coders meetup of 2022 was at the XEFI situated at The Core 8th Floor, Ebene, Mauritius on the 23rd July 2022 around the topic of Laravel

  • Written by Sandeep Ramgolam

Sandeep Ramgolam

Front-end Coders Meetup - July 2022

I reached around 9.30am to grab some soft drinks and pain au chocolats at Intermart for the attendees before heading to the venue. We waited for the attendees to be seated and the meetup started at around 10.20AM

Intro Session

This time I didn't have any session to present, which gave me more time to prepare the slides for the intro segment. I used this template from Figma and customized it a little to suit front-end coders. As usual, I explained who are the front-end coders and why we host meetups, thank the sponsor, introduce the speakers, suggest the topic for next month's meetup. I also left just one slide of CSS tips, since I'm not presenting anything else today.


  • Percy Mamedy - Modern monolith with Laravel & InertiaJs
  • Ish Sookun - Laravel Livewire
  • Ravish Dussaruth - Setting up Laravel & NextJs with Breeze
  • Yusuf Abdool Satar (—How to structure a go program

Topic 1 : Percy Mamedy - Modern monolith with Laravel & InertiaJs

Percy gave a great tour of InertiaJS and how it works. He built a simple frontend + backend to-do application which communicates via axios API calls, then he proceeded to refactor the application live in front of the audience to make it become an IntertiaJS app with Laravel + Vue.

Percy explains IntertiaJS

Honestly, I thought this was a very good approach to build web apps that are already using Laravel and want to have better integration with their frontends. Will definitely use it in the future. Percy described IntertiaJS as an alternative routing library for Vue, which instantly helps clarify the technology.

Topic 2: Ish Sookun - Laravel Livewire

Ish was next and he also gave a live demo using a light theme on Livewire. He made a good looking application that lists names in a data table, and show how he was able to add pagination and search very easily while not writing much (if any) JavaScript.

Ish speaks about Livewire

The simplicity of the tech works was quite impressive. Livewire appears to be inspired from Hotwire. aka HTML over the Wire.


Lots of pizzas!

We took a lunch break and had panarotti pizzas, and took the time to network a bit. It was a fun and jovial ambiance. We had a group photo right after lunch

Front-end Coders July meetup group photo

Nadim addressed the audience and spoke about XEFI

Before resuming the next talk we had Rachid from XEFI who gave our attendees an overview of their company and what they do. He shared some interesting details about an Academy to train people and the potential for installing a Data Center in the region. \

Rachid gave a brief explanation of how XEFI operates

Topic 3 : Ravish Dussaruth - Setting up Laravel & NextJs with Breeze

Ravish demoing Laravel Breeze

Up next, Ravish showed a demo of how to make a Laravel app talk to NextJS using breeze. It was really a breeze how easy and fast it was to set up.

Topic 4 : Yusuf Abdool Satar ( - How to structure a go program

For the final presentation, Yusuf from shared his experience about structuring Go programs and the reasoning behind his proposed structure.

Yusuf speaks about his experience with Go

I thought it was very enlightening, even if I don't write go myself. His structure is inspired by the Go Standard library.


Thanks to Nadim for helping us get this location and handling communications with the people at XEFI!

Thanks to Neil and Ish for taking pictures of the event ! You can see them on this album.

Thanks to Saamiyah, Kushul and Mahima for helping with the website and pre-event logistics like RSVP and ordering lunch.

Random pictures of the event

Gearing up for the photoshoot

Two JavaScript Experts

Catching up

THE team reunites for a photo

Our hosts for the day

He spotted a new JavaScript framework up there

Pritvi joining the geeks once again


This was yet another awesome session and all attendees seemed to have a good time. Some of us headed out to Flying Dodo to hang out post-meetup till the evening ! Until next time!