Speaking at Coding for a Better World - MCB Tech Conference

I spoke about "Developer Happiness" at the MCB Tech Conference Coding for a better world

  • Written by Sandeep Ramgolam

Sandeep Ramgolam

Speaking at Coding for a Better World - MCB Tech Conference

MCB organized a tech conference to celebrate "Developer's Day" titled "Coding for a better world". Mervyn Manilall, one of the organizers of the event, extended an invitation to speak at that event a couple of months ago.

The event happened the same day as the frontend.mu meetup, which means I could only attended the 2nd half of the event. After hosting and speaking at the frontend.mu meetup in the morning and grabbing lunch, I reached there with Saamiyah and Neil around 2.30pm. I was due to take the stage at 3:15pm, so that was right on time.

Upon reaching the MCB premises, we were greeted and accompanied in the conference room. There were around 70 people in attendance at the time, and I assisted to the ending of a talk around automation. Once the speaker ended, there was a small break of 15 mins, and I was up next.

I tested the HDMI cable with my laptop, and sadly the MacBook refused to connect. Luckily, I had my trusty ThinkPad with me, which worked immediately. The technician helped me get prepped with the clicked and wireless microphone, and I must say I was really impressed with the logistics available at the MCB conference room.

I grabbed a quick coffee, and it was time to talk about Developer Happiness.

My presentation was light-hearted and contained a lot of material that I thought developers could relate to, and I packed it with advice that works for me and hopefully would be helpful to others as well. I conducted a small quiz of two questions, and the people who answered correctly got gifts from MCB. I also received a gift as a speaker ! Awesome

After the session, they held a panel discussion with four participants around “Coding for a better world”, the theme of the conference.

The panel featured Nicolas Hurdoyal, Dr Bholanath Surajbali, Velen Perianen, Sanyukta Hulkhoree and was moderated by Jeremy Flore.

The conference ended with a quiz with 5 winners. Spoiler alert, I was ZonfonRossbwa.

Post Conference

I received several positive feedback right after the conference ended, and it was really encouraging, specially after such a hectic day, not to mention the very busy week leading to the two events. The feedback and the hope that I am able to help, is the real drive behind why I spend time to share my experience and little knowledge with others.