Front-end Coders Meetup - April 2022

The first in-person front-end meetup in 2022! Tailwind, Reactivity and Open Data were the topics were on the menu.

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Today, Front-end Coders organized an in-person meetup today in Ebene. I was the co-organizer, along with Kushul, and 27 people were present during the meetup. We had 3 speakers who spoke about various topics and demos! There were many students, front-end developers, system admins, DevOps people present.


Prodigious brands and Logistics welcomed our community in their offices today and provided everything we needed for a successful tech presentation. The AC room / ergonomic chairs / Projector were all top-notch, and we couldn't have asked for anymore! Vishwadev, a project manager from the company, spoke for a few minutes about them and listed a few job opportunities currently available !


I began the meetup with a few slides to introduce our sponsors, speakers, and updates about the Front-end Coders.

  1. Our subscription is cancelled.
  2. We have new website :
  3. We aim at getting back to regular in-person meetups! Next topic : REACT in May
  4. We have a discord!

Topics 1: TailwindCSS by Mahima Ramgolam

TailwindCSS by Mahima Ramgolam

We have a first-time presenter! Mahima introduced what TailwindCSS is and how it differs from traditional CSS frameworks. She also did a quick demo about building a full page layout within a couple of minutes with simple classes. There were a lot of interesting questions pertaining to the pros and cons of TailwindCSS which yielded engagements that enhanced the presentation even more. I weighed in on the history of TailwindCSS, how it came about, and elaborated on JIT mode.

Link to presentation :

Topic 2: ReactivityEverywhere by Jules Michael Giovanni

Although Jules is not a dedicated front-end developer, he was kind enough to showcase one of the most interesting sessions I've attended. Jules demonstrated how we can use packages from the core of VueJS to build reactive applications that run in the CLI. Yes you heard that right.

Link to demo & presentation :

Lunch Time

Lunch was sponsored by the wonderful people at Ringier South Afica

Lunch was sponsored by Ringier South Africa, and we order Pizza and some soft drinks ! We are very grateful that we get sponsors who can take care of essentials such as lunch because it allows us to have a break and network before engaging with the next presentations.

Topic 3: Open Data in Mauritius by myself

I presented one of my recent side-projects about open-data and how I built it as an open source project. I encouraged students and jobseekers to do the same to enhance their CVs and skills.

Link to project :

Link to presentation :

Social Media


The meetup was very successful, and we received a lot of positive feedback, which means the next one is definitely happening !

Stay tuned !

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