Covid19 is real

There aren't many events that forces the entire planet to pause and start paying attention.

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Event the worse catastrophes that we've known recently were somewhat localized, and some regions of the world had the luxury of watching from far away, a lot of times sending aid, other times moving on as if nothing happened.

This is different. Everyone is affected or will be affected. Maybe not by The Virus, but certainly but it's consequences. I am from the tech industry in that sense I am quite lucky to be able to work from home. In fact, not much has changed in that sense because I used to work from home. However now, there are more people at home and they aren't used to this. I am sure there are slight variations of this scenario in every techie household right now.


We all feel it. Some are better at hiding it than others. Some are better at dealing with it than others. Yet it's here. Trying to cope with it by focusing on work, spending time in the kitchen, doing household chores or all of them combined (you know who you are!), everyone is trying to keep busy.

We want this to be over soon, but the trends show that we haven't even peaked yet. It's not going away tomorrow. Unless the researchers find a cure tonight? But hey, let's not go there. Like Clint would say to Natasha.

C: Don't.
N: Don't what?
C: Don't give me hope.


But who cares. We are human and we hope. Everyone at home is doing what makes them happy(after putting in those work from home hours).

I code. Maybe you're cooking, painting, singing gaming or gardening.

Epidemiology suggests that at some point things will get better and we are probably not going to end up like The Walking Dead or Kabaneri. How far away is that day? We're not sure yet.

Social(distancing) Media

Meanwhile very inteligent people with huge brains are contributing to global peace through comments on facebook, an adequate time to use the knowledge from that "Degree in Global Health and Safety and Public Advice".  How incredibly naive. But we'll again, these degrees were infact acquired last week.

Being able to express oneself online though, isn't that bad after all. It appears to be a buffer for people to express their frustration, and five minutes later go eat some bread and butter. This is better than having people on the streets. Speaking of which, that guy who called out ban Zonfon Ross Bwa to join him on the streets through messenger/whatsapp. Good thing he did that online and not on the streets. The audio reached the media and the police within minutes. Now he's very safe in a cell somewhere. dreC sa frero, pas vin gat valer zenfant ross boi ;)

Whatsapp has been a hive for spreading fakenews since the past few weeks. Every small news travels at incredible speeds. Sometimes I am shocked by reading messages, what they contains, how obviously fake they appear to be, and yet people keep passing them aorund. Fake news always existed, and it's never going away. Technology has amplified it and the solution is yet to be found. That's another topic though. Some other time.

Video conferencing

Everyone and their aunt (literally), are now doing video calls. Including the G20 people. For people in tech, this is something trivial and normal. However I've withnessed a rise in religious activities through video calls, kirtan sessions, hawans, madrassa online just to name a few. People gather in a video call and pray together. Maybe this is a shock for atheists, but this is how non-athesists deal with anxiety and bolster their hope. Everyone have their coping mechanism. (mine is code and music btw)


The heroes of 2020. These are the people who are helping on the ground and begging us to stay at home while they risk their lives every minute for the rest of us. The word grateful isn't enough to describe what we owe them. They are people, like us, they are vulnerable to the virus.

There have been some videos of police officers abusing power and filming it themselves to put on facebook. While I don't fully understand why they would film themselves doing something illegal, it makes me wonder weather these scene proved to be successfull in discouraging disobedience and idiocy by some, who fail to grasp reason when the medium of language is used as means of communication.

Forget not that doctors and nurses working in the hospitals treating covid19 have to be in quarantine for two weeks before they can see their families again. This is not easy. The least we can do is stay home and ask others to stay home.


There have been a few attempts to abuse the current situation for robbery in a handful of cases, luckily not too many. Maybe someone was in dire need of food for their family and they had no other choice ! Like the people who stole liquor and went to sell it the next day. Incredibly hungry people indeed. Chaos is not here despite that. At least not yet and I hope, not ever.


Needless to say, after this is over everyone is going to plant their own fruits and vegetables. People will value the soil in their yard more and will be less likely to cover it with concrete. That is inevitable, but we're not sure the next generation will remember, until they face first hand, something similar. But we have recordings now, an endless amount of archive, maybe this time history will infact be remembered. Unlike the other great plagues that the Tau'ri have faced.

This pandemic is going to have positive effects on our future. It's going to bring some balance. But in the process we are losing people, actual people. They are dying by the thousands. this is not worth any positive effects.

I'd rather keep the people alive and improve some other way.

Can we revert to December 2019 and start over please?

Technologist, Mauritian, who loves front-end, UX design, Linux, & nature.

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